The Stay-at-Home Sociologist's Manifesto

·      I aim to make current and vital research on social issues accessible and elucidate their importance in the lives of parents, and everyone for that matter.

·      I aim to make intellectual discussion mainstream and necessary. There is more to people than booger-wiping (though adorable), sports following (though entertaining), and Kardashian-love/hating (I actually don’t really know much about these people, but they are everywhere). We live in a complicated world worthy of complicated engagement. Even if it's uncomfortable and difficult, even if we are tired and it's easier to watch Game of Thrones, parents should engage in this kind of dialogue and discourse if we want ourselves to be and our children to grow to be thoughtful people. (If we can give up wine and sushi for nine months and stop watching trashy tv in front of toddlers, we can think on tough topics in more than a superficial kind of way. Right?)

·      I aim to upturn the assumption that all people are not intellectual.  (Gramsci-influenced with a dash of Kristeva mixed in!)

·      I aim to continue the project of integrating the personal and the political. I should be able to rage against political issues and talk about my favorite cookie recipe in the same breath without being considered a lightweight. I like thinking! I like cookies! The two are not mutually exclusive. And because I talk about and eat delicious cookies does not mean my form of social/political/intellectual engagement is less than. It probably just means I am hungry.

·      I aim to raise thoughtful, kind children while engaging with the world in all of its terror and glory.

·      I aim to integrate substance and style.

·      I aim to be a great mother while great at other things. I won’t get it all right, but hopefully my earnestness, wit, and chocolate chip scones (With flax meal! I adapted an Alice Waters recipe and made it better. Perhaps the most controversial phrase to ever appear on these pages.) will cover over a multitude of ills.

·      I aim to finish this PhD through it all. (Good grief, I hope so.)