No good, horrible, very bad potential president

I was so excited for my seven-year-old to learn about the political process and election this year for the first time. We rarely watch live television, but we started watching morning show coverage of the candidates last year and discussing it over breakfast and on the way to school. He was so interested, had lots of questions, but eventually we had to turn it off and stop watching. 

I regularly use Common Sense Media to help me determine what shows and games are age-appropriate for my kids. I have a feeling if they had to rate Trump's speeches, he'd be for the 17+ age group. I don't let my kids watch R-rated movies, so I couldn't let them listen to Trump. It should go without saying that his discourse is wildly unpresidential. He has said Mexicans are rapists, proposed ejecting all Muslims from the country, made fun of people with disabilities, and much more. He stated, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters. It's incredible." It's not incredible, it's terrifying.