Reading List- Grief

Below you will find a short selection of recommended books, blogs, podcasts, and articles that I have found helpful while grieving the loss of my mother. I am certain I will continue to add more to this list, as it appears that though the experience of grief diminishes, it is still always with you. Though each loss and experience is as different as each person experiencing it, I found these pieces particularly illuminating. If you are using this page as a tool of reference, I am sorry for your loss. Grief is a tough road. Take care.



The New Yorker- The Unmothered by Ruth Margalit

The New York Times- My Own Life- Oliver Sacks

The Sun Magazine- The Love of My Life by Cheryl Strayed

The Atlantic Monthly- The Secret Life of Grief by Derek Thompson

The Huffington Post-To My Friends Who Still Have Their Mothers by Jessica Wostenholm

The Los Angeles TimesHow Not to Say the Wrong Thing in Death, Illness, Divorce, and Other Crises by Susan Silk and Barry Goldman

Sheryl Sandberg's UC Berkeley Graduation Speech



Mandy Van Deven- My Grief Is Not Staged



by C.S. Lewis


by Joan Didion


by Therese A. Rando


by Helen MacDonald