Parenting and Gender

This page is a resource as you parent, teach and interact with children in a gendered world. Some books are about boys, some are about girls, and some about gender in general. 

Remember, it's just as important to raise boys who understand gender issues as girls. It is not OK for us to tell girls "He pushes you because he likes you!" It is not OK for us to tell boys, "You throw like a girl!" If you are not sure why such phrases are problematic in child-rearing or in educating children, then I highly suggest you begin reading from this list. If you want girls to be respected by boys and for boys to respect girls, then it starts early and it starts with eradicating these kind of antiquated, sexist phrases from any parenting vernacular. 




A must-read for all parents of boys. This book changed our life, the way we parent our boys, and the way we educate them. It is at once tender, insightful and firm. I can't recommend it highly enough.





A very accessible and non-judgmental guide to navigating messages from the media regarding women and girls. The focus is on the concern regarding girls wanting to be princesses and not much else. She doesn't suggest we get rid of everything princess, but instead outlines a nuanced and thoughtful approach to discussing them with children. She provides excellent resources and easily applicable parenting techniques to help us understand and confidently navigate the effect of media and popular culture with regard to our daughters and their interests.


A classic psychology text regarding the adolescent development of girls. Another must-read. She discusses her clients, pre-teen and teenage girls, and the challenges they face in modern society. Her case studies provide accounts of girls dealing with influence of media, our over-sexualized popular culture, and impossible beauty standards, which often end up taking girls' confidence and resiliency. 



An important text for anyone interested in learning about gender-nonconforming children, especially if you are raising or educating a gender-nonconforming child. 






More academic than most of the texts here, but still accessible for someone who wants to go deeper in the study of parenting and gender.